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Dental Fillings in Bronxville


Bronxville Dental Office
Bronxville Dental Office

Do you get a sharp pain in your tooth when you eat something sweet? If so you may well have a dental cavity. If you have a cavity it certainly will not go away by itself; it will only get worse. For this reason it is important to have cavity treatment as soon as possible. If you think you need a dental filling, come see us at our Bronxville dental office for a comprehensive dental exam.

If during your exam at our Bronxville dental office our dentist finds that you do need a dental filling, you will have the choice of two different types of fillings. Our dental office is Todd D Wortman, DDS. Our expert and highly trained dentist is Dr. Todd Wortman. We had been providing excellent dental care to the New Rochelle community for 14 years. We find that our patients really enjoy having the choice of silver amalgam fillings or composite tooth-colored fillings. Our dentist will make a recommendation of which filling material is better. This recommendation generally has to do with the location and the size of the cavity. However, of course we want our patient to be able to decide which filling material they would like to have used and having their cavity fixed.

Both types of fillings have their distinct advantages. The composite tooth-colored fillings are much more aesthetically pleasing. We generally recommend them to be used in the front of a tooth or on a tooth that shows when you smile or talk. However composite dental fillings are not as strong as traditional amalgam fillings, and so we will recommend that silver amalgam fillings are used on the chewing surfaces of back molars. Our dentist in our Bronxville dental office also needs to remove more tooth enamel when he is using a silver amalgam filling. So another distinct advantage of using composite fillings is that less tooth enamel needs to be removed to use them. Composite fillings also are applied by actually having them bond to the tooth. So composite fillings will serve to strengthen the tooth, rather than silver amalgam fillings which may weaken them. The best solution for your cavity depends upon the exact nature of your individual dental situation. For a complete treatment recommendation, make an appointment to come in and see our expert dentist.

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